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Abortion (Termination of pregnancy)

Abortion is a widely used method of birth control for unplanned pregnancies in the world. There are different laws governing abortion in different countries and the limit varies can vary from 20 to 24 weeks. In Singapore, abortion is legal on socio medical ground and the legal limit is 24 weeks pregnancy.

In addition, the Abortion Act law in Singapore states that there is no defined age limit for the abortion procedure, and there is no legal requirement for parental consent for minors under the age of 21. The law applies to all patients, regardless of nationality.

For foreigners, they are only eligible for

abortion in Singapore if they meet one of the following criteria
  1. Residing in Singapore for 4 months or more
  2. Married to a Singapore citizen or have PR status
  3. Have a work permit

Licensed Abortion Clinic

You may be pleased to know that our clinic is a licensed clinic by the Singapore Ministry of Health for legal

Abortion services

. The procedure is performed by our senior gynaecologist, Dr Lien under sedation and it is safe and painless. General anesthesia may also be arranged upon request.

Through our experience, the patient usually just needs 2 hours to recover from the procedure and they may resume their usual activities. The estimated cost of the procedure starts from SGD900 and a claim of SGD900 may be used from Medisave. Other charges including doctor’s consultation, medication, anesthesia, facility fee like operating theatre, ultrasound scans are not included.   

Abortion Procedure

You may call our clinic at 6736 3331 for an appointment. During the appointment, you have to bring your identity card (IC ) or passport to our clinic for registration.

The Abortion Law act requires that the woman undergoes brief counselling by a qualified abortion counsellor at any accredited abortion clinic, and watch a video on the subject. As such, you will be counselled by our staff accordingly.

After the counselling, there is a mandatory waiting period of 48 hours after the counselling before the procedure can be done for citizens. For non-citizens however, they do not have to wait 48 hours before doing the procedure.

The abortion procedure itself takes about 15 to 30 minutes and patient may rest for 1 to 2 hours after the procedure, for observation and recovery.  Performed by an experienced and qualified gynaecologist, the procedure is safe and painless.

After the procedure is performed, patient is advised to visit the gynaecologist for a post operation examination in 1 week.

Throughout this period, patient may call the clinic for any assistance or advice during office hours and either the gynaecologist or experienced staff will attend to her. Should patient require any immediate and urgent attention after office hours, they may visit the accident and emergency (A&E) department of Mount Elizabeth Hospital.>

Types of Abortion

1. Menstrual Regulation

Menstrual regulation is a treatment for delayed menstruation and can be done by surgical and medical methods. This technique can be performed for up to 2 weeks after one misses her period, even before a pregnancy can be confirmed. Its success rates are comparable to the prevalent methods of abortion. It has since been replaced by the Suction Aspiration method due to the availability of diagnostic equipment like the pregnancy test and ultrasound.

2. Suction Aspiration

Meant for pregnancies less than 14 weeks, a small tube will be placed into the womb through the vagina. A vacuum is then attached to the tube to remove the pregnancy. This is one of the safest abortion procedures.

3. Prostagladins (Medication)

This is a medication taken to induce early labour if the suction method is not suitable to be used as a result of bigger pregnancies. Prostagladins can be used for up to 24 weeks pregnancy. The practice of medical termination through taking prostaglandins has the advantage of avoiding surgery. However as it is a longer process, it may result in pain and bleeding.

Risk of unlicensed Abortion

Self-induced abortion or abortion by unlicensed practitioners is dangerous and should not be considered. Worldwide, they cause between 30% - 50% of all maternal deaths. As such, it is important that the patient seeks help from a qualified and experienced gynaecologist.

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